Started rebuilding my personal site It's been unloved for a few years, so cleaning it up and adding some more recent work to it. https://alexjpate.com
Started learning Italian
Went to PHP Asia in Singapore
Started working at Pusher 🎉
Started working at Kalo
Started working at Monzo, as part of the Design Platform Squad. We build tools and processes to help the rest of the design team be even better than they are!
Launched Year in Monzo 2019! We saw some great reactions from our customers, and managed to trend at number 2 on Twitter. https://monzo.com/blog/year-in-monzo-2019
Created a script which automatically updates my Twitter cover image at different times of the day. https://github.com/alexpate/dynamic-twitter-cover
Wrote an article about "theme driven design systems". https://journal.alexpate.uk/theme-driven-design-systems/
Started compiling a list of design systems (Awesome Design Systems) https://github.com/alexpate/awesome-design-systems
My design challenge was published in .Net magazine. https://www.creativebloq.com/web-design/3-site-designs-will-make-you-drink-more-tea-11514057
A new side project to make building small web apps easier.
Starting building out the API for a new side-project. It's all based around the idea that building small web apps should be simpler.
Launched Monzo Business Banking to the world!
Launched Year In Monzo 2020! A lot of hard work, but so worth it too see all of the great reactions from our customers
Kicked off building our internal design system at Kalo